Modules and Speakers

WTA Online Course

The didactic portion of the program is presented online through recorded video lectures by Dr. Phyllis Bonham and Dorothy Doughty. Review questions and reference handouts are provided following the lessons.

The course is designed for completion (including written final examinations and skills testing) in three months.  The participant must complete the course within this three-month period to receive the credits and certificate.

Sample 12 Week Schedule (downloadable PDF)

Wound Education Lessons

1.  A&P of Skin and Soft Tissue: Implications for Routine Care – Phyllis Bonham
2. Skin and Tissue Loss Caused by External Factors – Phyllis Bonham
3. Establishing Protocols for Prevention – Dorothy Doughty
4. Legal and Regulatory Issues – Dorothy Doughty
5. Physiology of Wound Healing – Dorothy Doughty
6. Systemic Factors Affecting Repair – Dorothy Doughty
7. Wound Assessment and Documentation – Phyllis Bonham
8. Wound Assessment and Documentation – Slide Study – Phyllis Bonham
9. Wound Management Guidelines – Dorothy Doughty
10. Topical Therapy:  Guidelines for Dressing Selection and Slide Study – Dorothy Doughty
11. Assessment and Management Non-healing (Refractory) Wounds – Dorothy Doughty
12. Management of Ulcers due to Lower Extremity Arterial Disease (LEAD) – Phyllis Bonham
13. Management of Ulcers due to Lower Extremity Venous Disease (LEVD) – Phyllis Bonham
14. Management of Ulcers due to Lower Extremity Neuropathic Disease (LEND) – Phyllis Bonham

About the Speakers

Phyllis A. Bonham, PhD, MSN, RN, CWOCN, DPNAP, FAAN

Dr. Bonham has 46 years of experience in nursing and 38 years in WOC specialty nursing in a variety of settings (hospitals, home care, private practice, academia), and in varied roles including staff nursing, management/administration, independent nursing practice, education and research.  She developed and was the Director of the Wound Care Education Program at the Medical University of South Carolina, College of Nursing for 17 years. She is a nationally known speaker. Dr. Bonham has received several awards and recognitions for contributions to nursing and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. She has served on the WOCN Society’s Evidence-based Guideline task forces since their inception in 1998 and was a co-primary author of the Guideline for Management of Wounds in Patients with Lower-Extremity Arterial Disease. She has conducted and published research about non-invasive assessment of the lower extremities including studies about the validity/reliability of ankle brachial brachial index (ABI) and portable photophlethysmograph (PPG) measures. Dr. Bonham is a Past President of the WOCN Society.

Dorothy B. Doughty, MN, RN, CWOCN, FAAN

Dorothy Doughty obtained her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Medical College of Georgia and her Master’s of nursing from Emory University. She has been a WOC nurse since 1980 and has been the director of the Emory University WOCNEP since 1984. She has multiple presentations and publications related to WOC nursing, and she is a Past President of the WOCN Society.