Final Exam

The final exam is available online after the participant has completed all of the lessons and review work with the Course Coordinator.

The final exam is divided into two parts with 120 minutes allocated for each part. Once the participant starts Part I or Part II of the test, they will not be able to stop or pause the timer and must complete that part in the time allotted. However, the two parts can be done at separate times.

Part I is a test comprised of 40 multiple choice questions, worth 1.5 points each, that evaluate learning of the overall course content.

Part II is comprised of four sections with 32 multiple choice questions, worth 1 point each, that are specific to three clinical case scenarios: evaluation of pressure ulcer risk assessment and development of an individualized prevention plan; assessment and management of a trunk wound; and assessment and management of a lower extremity ulcer.

The total point value of the written posttests is a 92 and a score of 64 points (70%) is required to pass the course.

Additionally, participants are tested on clinical skills competency. After the participant has completed the online exam, the Course Coordinator will schedule a time to complete the final phase of testing: the hands on competency evaluation of clinical skills.

Clinical Skills Competency Test

Participants will be evaluated on demonstrating competency in the following clinical skills: performing and interpreting an ankle brachial index (ABI), sensory testing with a Semmes-Weinstein monofilament; and application of a 2-layer, 3-layer, or 4-layer sustained compression wrap.