What is the WTA Program?

The WOCN Society developed this program to meet the growing need for skilled wound care providers in all care settings, including the military, and to enhance nurses’ ability to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds as members of a collaborative wound care team. If you are a non-WOC certified nurse or wound care provider, then the WTA Program is for you!

Purpose of the WTA Program

The purpose of the WTA Program is to prepare a non-WOC certified nurse to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds under the direction of a WOC specialty nurse, WOC APRN, or physician.

Course Objectives (downloadable PDF)

If you are a WOC nurse who would like to bring the WTA Program to your health care setting, please review information for the setting in which you work: Hospitals and Health Care System settings, Home Health settings or Military settings

If you are interested in purchasing the course yourself and providing it to participants in a variety of settings, review the section on becoming an Individual Course Coordinator.

If you are a prospect student interested in enrolling into the course, but your facility doesn’t currently offer this course, we invite you to review a list of facilities near you.

Are you an industry partner looking to provide the basics of wound care to your team to help them understand how products fit to the education? If so, please contact the WOCN Society’s National Office at wta@wocn.org for more information.

Criteria for Successful Completion

To receive the certificate of completion and contact hours, learners must participate in the entire online activity, receive a passing score of 70% on the comprehensive post tests (average of two tests), and satisfactorily demonstrate competency in the following clinical skills: performing and interpreting an ankle brachial index (ABI); sensory testing with a Semmes-Weinstein monofilament; application of a 2-layer, 3-layer, or 4-layer sustained compression wrap; and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). In addition, the participant must complete and submit an evaluation form.

The comprehensive WTA Online Course offers 24.0 contact hour(s). Learn more in Information for Participants or by watching this video.