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The WTA Program is available for Home Health facilities who currently have a WOC nurse on staff. The WOC nurse may gather participants at his/her facility for the online program. Individuals completing the WTA program will function under the direction of the supervising APRN, WOC specialty nurse or physician.

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Feedback about the WTA Program

WTA Program TestimonialThe Wound Clinic physician of Shreveport’s Wound Care Center recently asked to meet with the Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) Wound Care Team from the Coushatta, LA branch of Synergy Home Care to learn more about the remarkable progress he has seen in one patient’s long-term wound.

Coushatta’s Director of Operations Angela Conlay explained, “The Wound Clinic MD and his staff have been seeing one of our wound care patients weekly for a long-term leg wound. After Danielle Raynes, RN, and I attended the recent WTA Program conducted by Debbie Ritter and Sue Kennedy, we decided that Danielle should begin using a two-layer compression system with this particular patient. After three weeks, this strategy, combined with treatments at Shreveport’s Wound Care Center, have brought dramatic improvement for the patient. The patient’s edema has significantly decreased since the application. We have also noted the following improvements: increased granulation tissue to the wound bed, epithelialization to the wound edges, dramatic decrease in exudate and a decrease in his pain level. Initially his pain level was 8-10 out of 10, with 10 being the worst pain. Now, he describes his pain level a three of 10. The patient was being seen three times a week and now we are only seeing him once a week. The doctor said he is very impressed! We still have a long way to go, but we are heading in the right direction. As a result, the Wound Clinic MD at Shreveport’s Wound Care Center and his staff have asked to meet our wound care team.”